Where to find the best pizza?

A pizzeria can be found on any street corner in Italy, but where to find the right quality for a good price, that is the question. My answer based on a recent experience: where you would not expect to find it.

As I just left the Mercato, in Bordighera, an Italian man was waving at me to enter his establishment. A sea of neon light greets me when standing on the doorstep, there is a large tv screen at the wall, Italian families are clustered around old wooden tables on plastic chairs. Me and my friend consider leaving immediately but then I remember another dinner at a beautifully designed restaurant at the beach with an impressing menu that I left disappointed with empty pockets. Let’s just give this end of the scale a try is our conclusion, there are a lot of locals present after all.

La grande Mamma of the pizzeria approaches us and immediately goes to work once I have ordered my off-menu pizza with gorgonzola, salami picante and rocket. The house wine is a remarkably fruity delight. Looking around I started to notice the certificates of qualification on the walls, decorated with golden signatures, that give the impression to be quite important. They all seem to be awards for the outstanding Napolitan crust. And indeed, at the bargain of €9 an incredibly crispy pizza with the freshest ingredients is being served. Despite being the size of a wagon wheel, the pizza is light and both me and my friend even indulge the home made tiramisu at €4 per serving. The classical delicacy made so fresh it melts away in our spoiled mouths. Completely satisfied I request the check for this culinary enjoyment. However we are told that we cannot leave without trying the homemade Limoncello.

Thirty minutes later we leave this surprising venue, blown away by the quality of its classical dishes. Both of us carrying a plastic bag with a bottle of Limoncello. So when wondering where to eat on the Italian Riviera next time, just try the place with the tv screen and many locals.