Trollé | Theoule

A French client asked Nostalis to realize his landscaping on the steep slopes of the Theoule hills situated on the north with brilliant view over the Mediterranean and ‘Massif de l’Esterel’ until the white tops of the Alps. The new constructed modern villa is designed by the architect Philippe Bracco from Cannes. The complicated landscaping was done in cooperation with Italian gardeners and suppliers, resulting in the highest quality plants at a good value for money. A wonderful atmosphere is created in the style of Jean Mus by Matteo Gazzano and  Hervė Meyer.

The steep hill where the villa is build on was a big challenge in this project. The only way to get the big olive threes in place was by helicopter. A nice challenge which was successfully done. In the Blog ‘garden of Eden’ you can read more details about this exceptional landscaping project finished summer 2014.