Cegno | San Remo

A newly created Nostalis project. Located on a 400 meters high hill top just behind San Remo. The plot is  in terraces and will offer 4 houses ‘rustico en pierre’ with water & electricity, flagstone roof and restored entrance road.

Magnificent views over the valleys of Liguria, SanRemo, Badalucco, Monalto and the sea. Vegetations exists mainly of olive trees and grapevines mostly more then 100 years old.

The ‘rustico’ were in the past homes of hermits. Built from local original materials, with a rain water supply (cisterne) for drinks and solar heating system. A small cantina produce about 200 liters wine and olive oil per year.

Design and planning permission is in progress, soon plots will be available for sale. There will be 4 Rustico houses, around 100-175m2 and prices indicated at > € 300.000.