Ligurian treasury dying?

On a sunday afternoon I’m invited for a tour in the Ligurian hills just behind the beaches and auto strada. This is the region od small farmers with olive yards and vegetable gardens a few hundred meters above sea level. The roads have the size of one car and a mirror in every curve. My inviter ask me to look around and promise an remaralable surprise. We drive a few kilometers uphill before a stop in front of a large old stone house, which looks centuries old and with lack of maintenance. “Here we have a palace from the 14th century built by a rich merchant from Genova”. The outside of the stone colossus couldn’t impress me.”it’s protected against atackes and robberies”. A little unpleased I enter the house through a rotten wooden door, direct next the cinder road.

The entrance is amazing with painted arches and pillars, marble floors and ancient windows. I’m back in the Middle Ages. All is still in the same atmosphere as 600 years ago. Only the maintenance failed the last 100 years. I follow the stairs and on the first floor is a magnificent hall for diners and dance parties. The paintings are still on the walls, even the falling apart curtains hang ¬†before the broken windows. I dream about the nobility living in the past days but become disappointed at the top floor. Most bedrooms lost the protection of a roof, which is destroyed and give a look in the open sky. My companion tells me that he present owner is an old Italian Comte, who offers this property for sale. I left full of thoughts this palace in destruction and can’t get an idea how to save.
Last week I read an article in a realty magazine about forgotten palaces in italy and I find pictures about the interior of the stone house I visited.
Still I’m thinking what could be the salvation of this cultural inheritance. I’m open for ideas of my readers. Would be a pity to let die such a marvellous treasury in Liguria.