Fireworks Montecarlo

New Year’s Eve is a family celebration in Liguria. Families come together in the homes of their parents and have delicious diners with wild meat, nuts, olives and salads. Mostly the weather is sunny and between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. In the afternoon everybody is on walk along the seaside. In the evening around 11 pm on December 31th the Italian families living from Sanremo until Ventimiglia take their cars and drive to Montecarlo. They park the cars aside the road to the city center. It’s a social event with all Italian families along the road in a pretty conversation with each other and now and then civilized laughing. Just before 12 pm they open the back coffin of the car and take a bottle of prosecco. Just when the fireworks start the bottles are opened and every a Italian family wishes Happy New Year.

The fireworks are breathtaking and concentrated in the Parc in front of the casino. I never saw such a majestic colorful fireworks with fountains of lightning. Everybody is looking full amazement and admiration. Surrealistic to see in the warm December night in front the casino park with large christmas trees covered with snow in all colors of the rainbow. At the same time behind my back the real snowed tops of the Alps.

After 30 minutes spectacular views the Italian families drive silent back, after one glass of ‘bubbles’, to their homes in the dark night.¬†How different from the mass celebrations with loud music during fireworks, which I see on my television, in Sydney, Dubai, Amsterdam, London and New York.

Happy New Year in Italy for 2015.