Claude Monet on the Riviera

Old villages and cities on the Riviera like Antibes, Vence and Sanremo were a favorite living place of famous painters such as Picasso, Monet, Boudin, Matisse and Renoir during wintertime. There is a brochure ‘route des peintres’ at local tourist offices. With this map you can follow the places where famous painters put down there easel for their masterpieces.

This summer I followed the ‘easel’ of Claude Monet at the Italian Riviera. He lived in Bordighera, just opposite the palace of the Italian queen Margherita in the beginning of the twentieth century. He painted the renaissance tower of the palace from his garden with a fluent colorful brushstroke on the painters linnen in a romantic sunlight. His small house was separated from the palace only by a picturesque parc with olive trees, fountains and cypresses. (A little personal tip: You can make a healthy tea from the young leaves of these olive trees)

Walking 200 meters uphill on a small staircase path, via the middle ages center, I got a breathtaking view on the coast line of Sanremo, Ventimiglia, Menton and Monaco. Here you will find a large sun terrace, just next to the via Dei Colli with a majestic view over Bordighera and the Mediterranean. The sun set has attracted many love couples to promise each other eternal loyalty.

Monet got in trance by the beautiful view as well and oil painted it on the linnen. A copy is on the terrace near the wooden two seater to sit down and enjoy the landscape. In wintertime you even see the snowed mountain tops of the Alps from here, a truele majestical place. When looking at the copies of the paintings by Monet you will be amazed that the present reality is still the same one century later. Claude Monets masterpieces are as immortal as the landscape of the Riviera, their beauty is timelessly appreciated.