A garden of Eden

An almost hallucinating view on the snow-covered Alps. At the foot of a steep slope you will find the pittoresque Mediterranean harbour of Theoule, not far from the tempting and mundane Cannes.

In this scenery an iconic new villa, drawn by architect Bracco, has been built on top of the rocks. At the day of my, visit landscape artist Matteo Gazzano, is meeting a great challenge to create a subtropical garden on these slopes. Noises resonate between the rocks as a helicopter is approaching. It is lifting ancient olive trees to the top op of the hill, no lorry could ever crawl up here so air transport was the only option.

With the delivery of these ten last trees the works are completed. After twelve months of carefully preparing, flattening, draining and planting, this Garden of Eden is finished. Its proud owner wanders around the grounds with a satisfied smile on his face. The alps smile right back on this glorious morning on the Riviera. The colours of the trees and flowers blend into a magnificent work of art with the new villa. If you pass by Theoule on the way to Cannes by scooter, car or train and look right up the hill, you might catch a glimpse of the perfect colours and lines that define this newly delivered property.